Monday, December 6, 2010

My choice to cloth diaper

Many people have asked me why I chose to cloth diaper, so here goes. Last year, I worked with a gentleman who told me that his wife made her own cloth diapers. I was grossed out at first, but it turned into an hour + conversation on the subject. I decided I wanted to use them with my son when he was born (he was just a thought at the time). When I became pregnant, my family was anything but supportive of the idea. The thought of spending that much $$$ upfront without knowing if I could keep up with the laundry was intimidating. I eventually convinced myself that I couldn't even keep up with MY OWN laundry so I would do the next best thing and use biodegradable diapers. I even bought a diaper dekor because the had biodegradable bags. I continued using these until my son was four months old. *Enter: My wonderful SIL* My SIL started using cloth and told me about all the diapers she won on Facebook. The thought of cloth diapering had returned to my head. I started spending more time with my SIL, asking question and looking at all her cute diapers. She even told me that her favorite was the Best Bottom system from Ultimately, I think it was my competitiveness that drew me in. I saw my SIL winning BIG and I wanted in! I entered some contests and was pleased to find out that I won an full pack of Econobums! How could I possibly have any excuses after that, right? I mean, twelve diapers was enough to get started. Wrong. I kept making excuses. "I don't have enough" "I'll start tomorrow" "I don't understand the prep" and "I still need a pail liner and detergent". Finally, I won detergent to and was out of excuses. I prepped the diapers (after much consulation with my SIL) and so it began! My journey has been great and I LOVE trying new diapers! So far my favorites are my Tots Bots Easy Fit and my Mud Butts (WAHM)!!!!

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